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Sex and Relationship Therapy in Leeds and Yorkshire. Online (via Zoom) and by phone

Hello, welcome to my website.

Please note: I am currently only offering online (Zoom) and phone appointments. If you are uncertain about using Zoom, I am happy to offer a 10 minute Zoom call, free of charge, to give you the opportunity to see how you feel about this option.

I am a fully qualified, experienced Psychosexual (Sex) and Relationship Therapist/Couples Counsellor and Coach and Mentor working in North Leeds and online. I am Relate and NHS trained and have worked as a Psychosexual Therapist in the NHS. I offer Psychosexual (sex) Therapy and Relationship Therapy/Couples Counselling to people from all walks of life and with a variety of sex and relationship related difficulties.

I have many years of experience in helping people to reach their goals of improving their physical, sexual and emotional wellbeing.

You may have always struggled with certain aspects of sex, or a sexual difficulty could have developed over time. This could be due to conflict or unhappiness within the relationship or be the cause of relationship upset.

Whatever your situation, problems with sex and intimacy can be very distressing and result in anxiety or low mood. If you're currently single, you may find you lack the confidence to start a new relationship, while couples can find themselves either avoiding sex or experiencing tension and upset when sex hasn’t gone to plan. Even if you both want to resume your sex life, you may not know where to start and feel tense and awkward at the prospect.

Lack of time, stress, infidelity/affairs, illness and communication difficulties are just some of the factors that can impact on sex and intimacy. Having the time and space to think about and talk through your thoughts and feelings with a skilled sex therapist or couples counsellor can bring a sense of relief and lead to new ways of looking at and tackling the problem.

Sex and Relationship Therapy can help you to recognise the strengths in your relationship and identify where unhelpful patterns of behaviour and communication may be undermining relationship satisfaction. It can help you to develop useful tools and techniques which can lead to increased confidence and enjoyment in your relationship.

Sex therapy issues I have worked with include:

  • Male issues - erectile dysfunction, premature and delayed ejaculation, arousal difficulties and loss of libido (sex drive)
  • Female issues - vaginismus, dyspareunia (sexual pain), arousal and orgasm difficulties, loss of libido, menopause related concerns
  • Couples issues - differing sex drives and arousal triggers, conflict over porn use, lack of sexual knowledge, communication difficulties, adapting sexually to illness and disability, issues arising from infertility/difficulties in conceiving and after childbirth, sex after an affair/infidelity
  • In addition - body image issues, sexual anxiety and phobia, confusion about sexuality, lack of confidence about sex and relationships, addiction to pornography, open and poly relationships

Relationship Therapy issues include: difficulties with communication and intimacy, conflict over specific areas (e.g. finances, socialising, housework, parenting, whether to have children etc.), the impact of stress, anxiety and depression, physical and emotional difficulties, lack of confidence, infidelity/affairs, lack of time together, decision making about separation.

Couples counselling and individual therapy are available depending on your requirements.

Many people find it difficult to talk about intimate, sexual and emotional issues, even with their partner, so it can be daunting to think about confiding in a stranger. In fact, most people find a great sense of relief once they start talking about their concerns in a supportive, confidential, non-judgmental environment. I am well aware that clients are often apprehensive at first and I aim to offer a calm, safe space for you to work towards your goals. I believe that, with the right support and commitment from an experienced Sex Therapist or Couples Counsellor, most difficulties can be either improved or resolved. This may lead to a happier, more harmonious relationship or, in some cases, a decision that separation is the best option.

I have also attended therapy myself, both during a difficult time in my life and as part of my training, so know how daunting it can be to make the first steps, but also, how helpful it can be to talk through and make sense of challenging circumstances whilst learning new ways to approach them. Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to bring acceptance to situations and seek the positives and when to make changes. Having the opportunity to talk and explore options can bring clarity and confidence in decision making.

I work with adults aged 18+, from all sexual orientations and ethnicities.

My fees are:

Couples - £65
Individuals - £55

I hope that you have found this website helpful.

If you would like a brief chat via phone or Zoom to discuss whether Sex or Relationship Therapy may be helpful for you, please get in touch either by phone (call or text) or email


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